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Best Weight Loss Meal Plan For 2020

weight loss meal plan

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan For 2020

By now your New Year’s resolution to lose weight is fading weight loss meal plan and perhaps even the crash diet you started, helped you lose some weight but now you are stuck, or even worse, the weight is creeping back.

It is possible that the diet plan you chose was either not very good from the nutritional point of view, or it was so misguided that it just was not suitable for your lifestyle. It might have been too rigid or outright weird to be sustainable for more than a few weeks.

weight loss meal plan

To lose weight successfully you need to find a weight loss meal plan that fits your daily routine. The plan also needs to address your unique dietary requirements and it has to help you lose weight permanently without much effort.
There are many diet plans that offer to help you lose weight available in the offline and online market. After all dieting is a billion dollar industry just in North America. Many of the diets you may see on TV are advertised by famous celebrities. Sure, the diets work for most of them. My feeling about those diets is that they are really not suitable for an average person. They are rigid, expensive and they certainly are not suited for busy dieters with families.

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There are other weight loss meal plans that offer strict and unhealthy guidelines, such as withdrawal or a drastic reduction of essential nutrients. These plans may work for periods of up to a year. However, study after study shows that after six months of “suffering” most dieters abandon the program only to watch their weight mercilessly return. In general, most dieters give up and succumb to their cravings for “regular” food.

Of course, there are the diets that include pills, potions, supplements and other gimmicks that may be outright unhealthy and dangerous. Let’s face it; are you prepared to take these pills and potions all your life?

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The best weight loss plan that will work and will help you lose weight permanently is healthy, and one that teaches you to modify your lifestyle (as per healthy eating). Above all the most successful diet meal plan is a plan that will cater to your individual nutritional needs. We are not all the same and a program that offers the same-diet-for-everyone approach is simply not effective. Our bodies respond to foods differently to perform optimally. Some of us require higher levels of protein for optimal health, others require higher levels of carbohydrates and some fall somewhere in between. These individual differences must be acknowledged by the diet or it will not work.

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A successful diet program will take these individual differences into consideration and will teach the dieter to use this knowledge to prepare a delicious weight loss meal plan that will never leave her/him hungry and frustrated. Most importantly, these meals will be suited for and enjoyed by the whole family. Overtime, this diet will become a part your lifestyle and finally you will be on the way to reach your ultimate weight loss goal, never looking back.

Most diets are so restrictive that they are hard to follow. Some diets like the South Beach diet restrict carbs while other diets restrict fat. It is hard to figure out what to eat on a restrictive diet. This makes it difficult to come up with a meal plan that you can actually follow. For weight loss success to occur, you need to have an easy to follow weight loss meal plan.

I found a new diet called Strip That Fat. One of the hardest parts about dieting is trying to come up with a meal plan. Strip That Fat’s Diet Generator solves this problem. You go to their webpage and select from a list of foods for each of 5 meals per day and it generates a meal plan for you. For each meal there are 15-20 different choices. There are a total of over 40,000 possible combinations between all the meal choices so you get endless variety.

The diet is divided into five daily meals. You get breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. They have a diet generator that randomly generates a diet from the food choices you make. I love it because you get a lot of variety. I simply select the foods I like and it generates a two week meal plan for me. They also have a recipe section as well.

They also have an optional exercise plan you can use. It is different because it concentrates on exercises that you can do without going to the gym. The program teaches you which exercises actually increase your metabolism as well as the proper technique for exercises you may already be doing.
The results you can get with Strip That Fat are quite good. You can lose 2-3 pounds per week and unlike most diets, you won’t gain it back. Strip That Fat is designed for permanent weight loss.

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5 Tips For Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

In order to lose weight healthily, you need to have a good and healthy weight loss meal plan. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of plans you can find in the market. However, not all these plans are effective. You should try to understand some basic tips so that you can lose weight successfully.

#1 Carbohydrate consumption

You have to make sure that you will not be consuming too many carbs. One point you need to remember is that you do not need to go for a low-carb diet. You will not get the fuel for your body if you cut the consumption of carbohydrates. Yet, you will need to avoid any simple carbs. You should try to have some whole grains and vegetables. This is because you can get complex carbs from them!

#2 Fat consumption

There are people who think that they have to avoid fats in the weight loss meal plan. Yet, this is not really true. There are bad and healthy fats. What you need to avoid is bad fats. In order to maintain your health, you have to take good fats. Besides, you will need these good fats to help you to keep your metabolic rate high. Now, you may wonder what you should eat in order to eat good fat. You can have foods such as fatty fish. You can also get it from nuts, olive oil and coconut oil.

#3 Protein consumption

You need proteins to help you to burn fat. It is also essential for your body to function properly. If you can combine a regular exercising plan with the intake of proteins, it will be possible for you to build some muscle masses. Your muscles masses will help you to become a fat burning machine. This means that you can burn fat fast and lose weight.

#4 Stay away from bad foods

Besides the above, you should try to stay away from bad foods. Processed foods will not be good for you. Junk foods are always considered the main enemy of pound loss. You should avoid all these bad foods in your weight loss meal plan.

#5 Consume vegetables and fruits

You have to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. On one hand, you can get fibers from them. This is good for your health. Besides, you can feel full when you eat them. And the calorie contents of them are not high. As a result, it will be a lot easier for you to lose weight with them.

The above are the basic ideas and tips you have to understand for your meal plan. You have to make it concrete. You need to plan for your meals every day. It will not be difficult for you to get ideas of your meals on the web.